DuBois Community Days produces a printed program book every year.  Full sponsors automatically get an 1/6 page advertisement in the book.  Private donors get their name listed in the book depending on their donor level.  Businesses that do not want to purchase a full sponsorship can still support Community Days through the purchase of an advertisement in the book.  There is a selection of sizes and costs. There are no other benefits other than the ad.

Advertisement Options

1/3 Page - 4” x 9 3/4” - $120.00
1/6 Page - 3 1/2”  x 5” - $60.00
Business Cards - $  45.00
Patron List - Business Name Only - $  30.00

Once you purchase your program book ad, please submit your advertising content and art work our preferred way using the "Submit Advertising Materials" button above or less preferred via USPS to DVFDPC, 223 S Jared St, DuBois, PA 15801

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